How to Treat a Burn

burn treatment

The type of treatment a burn victim receives depends on the degree of the burn and how he/she got it.

If you judge the burn to be serious, then it is imperative that you either take the victim to the hospital yourself or that you call your emergency number.
While you wait for the paramedics to arrive, there is some burn treatment that you can administer.

Emergency burn treatment consists of the following steps:

  • Remove clothing from the injured area. If any clothing sticks or adheres to the skin, simply cut around it and leave it in place for the paramedics to deal with.
  • Keep the patient covered since there is a tendency for the victim to get the chills which could eventually lead to shock.
  • Dressing or bandages for burns come in various forms (cotton gauze or synthetic bandages) and which kind to use depends on the type of burn wound.
  • They have three purposes:
  • Protect against infection.
  • Reduce the loss of heat.
  • Provide some comfort.
  • Other things to remember regarding burn treatment:
  • Dressings/bandages should be grease and oil free.
  • Do not break any blisters intentionally. When a blister opens on its own, pat antibiotic ointment on it and cover with a dressing.
  • Any bandage applied should be loose so as to prevent any pressure on the burned surface and to allow for any swelling which may occur.
  • Remove any jewelry from a burned area.
  • Do not put ice on the burn because it will damage the skin and can lead to frostbite.