Basic Fire Fighting Tips


Your safety should be your primary concern when attempting to fight a fire!

How to Fight a Fire Safely:

  • Always stand with an exit at your back.
  • Stand several feet away from the fire, moving closer once the fire starts to diminish.
  • Use a sweeping motion and aim at the base of the fire.
  • If possible, use a “buddy system” to have someone back you up or call for help if something goes wrong.
  • Be sure to keep a watch on the area for a while to ensure it doesn’t re-ignite

Basic CPR Treatment

  • If you find the victim is not responding, call 082 911 and then return to the victim.
  • Tilt the victim’s head back and listen for any breathing. If they are not breathing or not breathing normally, pinch their nose and cover their mouth with yours. Blow until you see the chest rise and fall. Give two breaths of approximately two seconds each.
  • If they are still not breathing, coughing or moving, start chest compressions. Push 1.5 to 2 inches on the chest about 15 times (between the nipples).
  • Until the paramedics arrive, continue with two breaths and 30 chest compressions x 5 cycles.