Christmas Season Security Brief

This is just a reminder that we are in a season where people should be aware of their surroundings and look after their belongings. We have already had instances where robberies and hijackings have taken place in this silly season. Please I am making a pledge you to look after your belongings wherever you go. Remember it only takes a thief seconds to steal so if you leave your guard for a short time you could become a victim so safe guard your possessions.

Try not to carry large amounts of cash in your bag or wallet but if you need to lock it in a safe place. A draw or cupboard can easily be opened as people that steal are desperate and they will go to any effort to get to your possessions.

Always be wary of your surroundings and take special care of your credit and debit cards because depending on the information that’s stolen, problems go well beyond cancelling a stolen card or changing a PIN. Criminals file false tax returns or misuse identities to get cell phone services, open utility accounts and obtain prescription drugs.

Some victims have had their names wrongly invoked in arrest reports and court records of other people’s crimes. Victims say the violation brings with it anger, anxiety, sadness, shame and even suicidal thoughts.

While theft of credit card information remains the most common type of cyber fraud, medical identity theft is growing. It can result in victims being charged for medical services and prescriptions they didn’t receive, or finding another person’s health information in their medical records. Consequently, you can be denied health benefits.

Like in real life, your wallet or hand bag must be secured. Always remember that it is your responsibility to adopt good practices in order to protect your money.

Here are three ways to protect your wallet or purse:

  • Keep it close. If you’re carrying a purse, make sure it has short straps so that it rides right under your arm. Also don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket or in the side pocket of a jacket. Carry it in your front pocket, or in an interior jacket pocket.
  • Travel light. Carry only essentials in your wallet or purse. All too often we feel the need to carry every credit card on us when we’re shopping. Don’t do it. Carry only the cash you need. Limit yourself to one credit card, and leave the rest at home whenever possible. The less you carry, the smaller the mess you’ll have to clean up if your wallet or purse does go missing.
  • Take inventory. Stop right now and list everything that’s in your purse or wallet without looking. Once you’re done, check your list against what’s in there. I’ll bet you forget a few items. Sometimes, we carry around items that we don’t use often.
    Do not make it easy for people to steal from you. We are all busy and trust people around us too much therefore stay vigilant and keep your hard earned cash safe.

On behalf of all of us at Lambton Preschool and Aftercare we wish you all a blessed Festive season.